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Éric Ledoux

President and CEO

Mr. Ledoux joined Sinters America in 2009 to lead the business transformation into a world-class organization. Before joining the aerospace industry, he acquired his expertise in many areas such as industrial administration, corporate finance and business improvement in the automotive, hydraulics and computer services industries. Mr. Ledoux is a certified accountant and holds a MBA.

COO / Executive VP

Jean-Charles Raillat

Executive VP, Business Development

Guillaume Gasparri

VP Industrialisation

Yves Martel

VP, Engineering and Innovation

Thomas Langhame

VP, FInance

Serge Petit

VP, Supply Chain

Ivan Perrier

VP, Customer Support

Geneviève Rivest

VP, Business Development

Jonathan Brunet

Director, Human Ressources

Melanie Veilleux

Director, DCM St-Bruno

Michael Deshaies

Director, DCM Blainville

Cynthia Arsenault

Director, Quality Assurance

Daniela Sandu

Director, Business Development

Ricardo Casaca

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