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DCM Aerospace provides its clients with full production capability under one roof. The company can manufacture parts and aerostructure sub-assemblies from its client’s engineering drawings and also offers the option of kitting. DCM uses innovative manufacturing methods and processes that enable it to make reliable and affordable structural aircraft products of the highest quality.


Machining Center (Horizontal 5-Axis)

(1) Makino MAG3 

(1) Makino MAG3 EX

and many more....


Machining Center (5-Axis)

(2) Okuma MU-6300V

(5) Okuma MU-500VA

(1) Okuma MU-500V 

(1) Okuma MA-6300V

(1) Okuma MU-650VB

(2) Mazak Variaxis 630MKII

(1) Mazak VTC-800/30SR

and many more....


Turning / Milling Centers (5-Axis)

(1) Mazak Integrex 200-IIY

(1) Mazak Integrex 200-IV

(1) Mazak Integrex I-300S

(1) Mazak Integrex E420H II

(1) Mazak Integrex i200ST

and many more....


E.D.M Machining Center

(1) Sodick EDM AQ55L-1

(1) Sodick EDM AQ55L-2

(1) Sodick EDM Dynaflow Process AFM

(1) Sodick EDM K1C

(1) Sodick EDM K1CN

(1) Sodick EDM WedM AQ

(1) Sodick EDM AQ55L-1

and many more....


CNC Tube Bending Machine

(1) Crippa 925LE CNC Bending Machine


Our state-of-the-art electronic computerized bending machines (right and left hand, 9 axis) are capable of conventional, coiling and rolling bending in various types of material (Inconel, aluminium,
Stainless, Titanium) with diameters from 0.187 in. to 2 in.



With over 100 machines, DCM has one of the most impressive machine pools in Canada, from 3 to 5 Axis Milling to complex Turning and all supporting activities, capable of supporting a wide range of sizes and materials

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